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Vines Art
"Beyond Inspiration"

Artist Roederick Vines

Born in Toledo, Ohio in 1949, Roederick began painting at the age of four, and professionally at the age of 19. Roederick studied Fine Arts and Illustration at the Columbus College of Art and design in Columbus, OH.

There is one word to describe his creative attitude: “beyond inspiration”. God anointed Roederick with talent principally to be full – full of His spirit, ideas and creativity; so much that he stays on “automatic drive”, enabling his assignment to deliver “spirit on canvas” effortlessly. He never experiences the so-called “artist block”, nor does he run out of ideas. In fact, he’s searching for more time in the day to unload the ideas stored in his mind. Ideas bombard us daily. They are all around us. In fact, there is information overload. Roederick feels it is his duty to sort through this vastness of stored knowledge and then interpret its form, color, rhythm and flow.

Diversity of expression is the key ingredient noticed when viewing a body of Roederick’s works. His images are always on the move; representative of himself ---always in motion—always striving towards the higher calling of God. His images are predominantly lyrical and rhythmic, spiritual and thought provoking, whimsical, with serious undertones, dramatic and colorful, a display of balance and harmony, but above all; like a motion picture, the paintings tell a story.

Roederick treats the human form with integrity and dignity as to where one may feel that his created forms speak personally to them. But his abstracts challenges the taste of the most astute lover of the human form. Roederick does not wait for inspiration to hit and then start painting. It is an effusive process and function of the gift God has bestowed on him. The ability to visualize first, and then paint what he sees. He never paints from pictures. It all comes from within his mind, heart, and soul.

Roederick believe it is difficult for an artist to put a price on their art because it’s incalculable. His self-education and the time dedicated to his work (over 30 years) are priceless. The fulfillment he receives while creating is ecstatic. The gratitude and responsibility towards his creative gifts are both humbling and joyfully demanding. Roederick’s purpose in life is God’s expression through him.